About the Conference

Many thanks to everyone who attended Medical MEMS and Sensors 2016. We look forward to seeing you at our other upcoming events. For more information on MEMS and sensors, please visit MEMS Journal’s website at www.memsjournal.com.

If you were not able to attend, please click here tto purchase the presentation slides from this conference. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Jessica Ingram at jessica@memsjournal.com.

This conference focuses on MEMS and sensor technologies for medical diagnostic applications. The medical MEMS and sensor market size is currently approximately $2.8 billion. Medical MEMS and sensors enable applications where it is advantageous to miniaturize components and systems due to form factor, integration and cost considerations. Furthermore, many applications are newly enabled by MEMS and micro-sensor technologies and would not be possible at all without miniaturization. One of the newer subjects we'll be discussing during this conference is the topic of keto, keto diets and ultimately ketones. Ketones -- what are they, you ask? Find out during our upcoming conference. This is an absolute must for those who are currently taking part in or considering a keto diet switch.

One of these exciting application segments is medical diagnostics. This segment has been rapidly accelerating its development in the recent past due to the increased demands for rapid and minimally invasive tools. Enabled by small and cost effective sensors and micro-components, medical diagnostics are a key component for enhancing our quality of life while reducing healthcare costs.

We hope you will be able to join us -- by attending this exciting event you will be able to identify emerging technology and application trends, listen to insightful talks, exchange ideas, network with your industry peers, and perhaps even form new companies!

Conference Topics

  • Diagnostics: portable assaying and sample preparation of blood, urine, cells, tissues, and bodily fluids. For example, microfluidic and lab-on-a-chip devices to diagnose diseases in portable instruments and smaller sized bench top systems.
  • Worldwide healthcare trends: market drivers, demographic factors, government policy effects.
  • Health screening: preventive monitoring such as early detection of cancer through consumer, over-the-counter devices that are to be used on a day-to-day basis.
  • Individualized treatment: integration of diagnostics with therapy and treatment on portable, smart lab-on-a-chip devices; for example, treatment specifically based on the exact disease variation as well as the patient genotype and current health factors.
  • Business aspects: fundraising, reimbursement, technology transfer, regulatory compliance, company formation, recruiting, and market research.
  • Medical wearables: application trends, business and economic drivers, case studies, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Digital health: wireless devices, body area networks, online services, genomics, and personal genetic information.
  • Sensors: pressure, thermal, radiation, flow, and magnetic used in medical devices as well as implanted systems.

Who Should Attend
  • CEOs
  • CTOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Physicians
  • Medical professionals
  • Academia professors and researchers
  • VPs of engineering
  • VPs of marketing
  • VPs of business development
  • MEMS foundry managers
  • Product managers and engineers
  • Marketing, sales and business development managers
  • MEMS and sensors production managers and engineers
  • MEMS and sensors design managers and engineers
  • Business development professionals
  • Industry analysts
  • Investment bankers
  • MEMS and sensors consultants
  • Media representatives

Conference Location

Biltmore Hotel & Suites
2151 Laurelwood Road
Santa Clara, CA 95054
408-988-8411 (phone)

Hotel Information

The conference and reception will be held at the Biltmore Hotel & Suites. A block of rooms has been reserved at the Biltmore for a negotiated rate of $209.00 per night. The room block cut-off date is April 5th, 2016.

To reserve online, please go to: http://bit.ly/MedMEMS16Hotel and click the “Book a Room” button. You can also call in your reservation directly to 800-255-9925; please ask for the discounted room rate for the Medical MEMS conference.

The Biltmore is approximately 4 miles from the Mineta San Jose Airport (SJC). The hotel has shuttle service available; please call the Biltmore at 408-988-8411 to schedule shuttle service.

Prior Participating Companies
(from the 2012 – 2015 events)

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(from the participants and attendees of the 2016 event)

“Medical MEMS and Sensors 2016 was a great event and I plan on coming back next year. There were two great aspects, the networking and the talks. With networking, it was an efficient way to meet lots of people interested in this technology. And the talks were also very good and presented the key ongoing trends with medical MEMS and sensor technologies and applications. Talking to the people and hearing the lectures enabled me to gather key information for my own personal work.”
Madhav Agrawal, Graduate Student, Purdue

“The workshop at Medical MEMS 2016 was extremely informative and allowed our company to better understand our product and how we should move forward with our business model. The discussions during and after the presentations gave new insights into the technologies and I would recommend attending this meeting to anyone in the field.”
John Butler, President and CEO, Quantumcyte

“It was my first time attending such conference in USA after about 10 years working overseas. Most of the presentations are high quality ones. I learned a lot from those speakers. I enjoyed the conference very much. It not only enriched my knowledge but also broadened my networks.”
Ginny Ho, Automated Systems Specialist, Sonoscan

"I was impressed by the quality of presenters and the variety of topics, each impacting the field of personalized medicine. The conference was organized for efficient personal interactions and networking with leaders in academia and industry."
Rolf Muller, CEO, BioFluidica

“The Medical MEMS conference was a really great way to meet others working on various aspects of MEMS technologies. The knowledge gained through the sessions and the connections made through the conference have already helped on personal and professional levels. I plan on going back next year!”
Sona Shah, CEO, Neopenda

(from the participants and attendees of the 2014 event)

"Medical MEMS 2014 was among one of best conferences that I have attended, very professionally managed with a wide range of informative topics with opportunity to see and get connected with the industry. I highly recommend the event for next year."
Saeed Azimi, President and CEO, Dynosense

"The Medical MEMS and Sensors 2014 conference was an excellent opportunity to understand the state-of-the-area in this exciting field of analytical systems for medical diagnostics and to expand your network. I very much enjoyed the focused and informative presentations on opportunities and challenges for point-of-care devices. The IP workshop was an excellent opportunity to discuss specific cases and how to maximize your product's legal protection."
Hadar Ben-Yoav, PhD, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University of Maryland

"Medical MEMS 2014 was a well organized conference with good networking opportunities and high quality speakers and presentations. Definitely a good investment for a MEMS company involved in medical applications. The material presented was very informative and relevant, especially when it comes to better understanding the leading medical opportunities for MEMS."
Herve Borrel, President, Tronics

"As a first time attendee at the Medical MEMS and Sensors conference I was very satisfied by the quality and quantity of content The program was informative, providing introductory concepts as well as substantive material. The conference allowed for networking and intelligence sensing opportunities. It was very well organized with Q&A as well as open forum from industry professionals. It was a great opportunity to see new-to-the-world approaches, capabilities, and products. This meeting gave access to core experts as well as those allied to the MEMS and medical device fields. Time and resources well spent."
Nicholas Ganternberg, PhD, President and CEO, Decision Point Solutions

"The Medical MEMS and Sensor Conference incorporated speakers from diverse areas ranging from clinical, academic research, and industry. The talks were insightful and there were great opportunities for networking. This is a show that I will consider attending in the future."
Michael Picheca, Business Development Manager, ON Semiconductor

(from participants and attendees of the 2012 and 2013 events)

"The 2012 Biomedical MEMS and Sensors conference was not only informative, but an excellent opportunity to expand your network in this exciting new field. Mike was personally helpful in providing contacts for us in the sensors arena. The discussions over lunch and between talks were at least as enlightening as the presentations themselves. Several new technologies in the medical space are emerging for MEMS technologies, and I look forward to learning more about these trends."
Paul DeDecker, President, NuPulse Technologies

"BioMEMS 2012 was a great event and we plan on coming back next year. There were two great aspects -- the networking and the talks. With networking, it was an efficient way to meet lots of BioMEMS people in one place. And the talks were also very good and presented the key ongoing trends with biomedical MEMS and sensor technologies and applications."
Joe Johnson, Business Development Manager, IntelliSense

"The Biomedical MEMS and Sensors 2013 Conference was a delight to participate in. The well-balanced mix of scientific presentations from academia and companies showed proven successes, problems to overcome and future possibilities for these technologies. The panel discussion was very much appreciated and should be a part of any conference worth its name. Finally the format of the conference made it very easy to interact with fellow participants, presenters and suppliers. Friends that I will keep in touch with and meet again, to build a network that will move this technology from the laboratory to the masses."
Nima Jokilaakso, Researcher, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

"The BioMEMS conference was a very good opportunity for us to understand the latest development trends and to network with experts and operators in the BioMEMS space. The presentations covered a wide breadth of topics which helped build an initial understanding of this space. The opportunity to network with experts and the diverse set of exhibitors helped us develop several industry and research contacts that have proven very useful in our current research."
Abhay Kothari, Associate, Booz & Company

"I thought that the conference was very well organized with a nice range of speakers. In addition to the information learned, the networking was excellent."
Mikki Larner, Vice President Sales and Marketing, Plasma Technology Systems, LLC

"As BioMEMS is moving out of labs and closer to market, this conference provided a great opportunity to have a better understanding on the overall picture of the technologies, market, and challenges. The presentations were less technically oriented and were focused more on the market and top-level technology analysis, which was great to help those of us who do not specialized in BioMEMS understand the market potentials and pitfalls. Of course, the conference also provided great networking opportunities where you could meet many CEO's and Presidents of BioMEMS businesses to learn first-hand what it would take -- technologically and financially -- to be successful in this emerging and important market."
Tristan Ma, Sr. Scientist, Applied Materials

"BioMEMS 2012 provided an intimate setting in which all the stakeholders in the diverse bioMEMS ecosystem could interact and network. I enjoyed the unique opportunity to learn about the emerging trends and ideas from the perspective of academics, foundries, entrepreneurs, investors, and others."
Ellis Meng, Associate Professor, University of Southern California

"The 2013 BioMEMS meeting was an extremely productive use of my time. In addition to being one of the speakers this year, it was very gratifying to gain insight into the latest developments in the area of BioMEMS, including those segments outside of our current focus. The venue was perfect and the meeting extremely well organized. I recommend that others in the field consider attending future meetings as well."
Richard Montagna, Ph.D., Senior Vice President Corporate Business Development and Scientific Affairs, Rheonix

"The life science area has significant growth potential for MEMS devices and applications over the next decade. This event provided a solid overview of new technologies being developed in the context of significant industry restructuring brought about by health care reform."
Louis Ross, President and CEO, Virtus Advanced Sensors

"You and the group did a terrific job."
Tom Shaughnessy, Director Biomedical Manufacturing, BioEnterprise

"I am very pleased to have attended the BioMEMS 2012 conference. It was great stage for spotting new trends in the fast pace biomedical MEMS market, learning about new technologies and innovative ideas to solve significant healthcare related problems and networking. The research and scientific material presented during the talks was of highest quality. Moreover, the panel discussions on commercialization and venture capitalism were a great source of information to understand the process of taking a technology to the next stage of development. Overall it was a very well organized conference and I look forward to attending it next year."
Disha Sheth, Post Doctoral Fellow, FDA

"BioMEMS 2012 was very professional and very well attended. The topics were timely and relevant and the speakers were knowledgeable and energetic. Great work putting together a wonderful conference!"
Bill Trainor, Managing Director, Mutual Capital Partners Funds

"As a biotech entrepreneur, investor and business adviser with a focus on technology commercialization, the 2012 Biomedical MEMS and Sensor Conference provided an opportunity to peer into the future of diagnostics, health screening, personalized medicine, drug delivery and tissue engineering. Not only were the quality of the presentations superior, but the speakers, moderators and panelists were very well informed and easily accessible before, during and after the program."
Raymond Vennare, Entrepreneur

Contact Information

Dr. Mike Pinelis
President and CEO
MEMS Journal, Inc.
734-277-3599 (phone)

Jessica Ingram
Project Manager
MEMS Journal, Inc.
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